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Printer & Multifunctional Copier Leasing

Choosing a new multifunction (MFP) copier, printer, or fax machine,is an important business decision that determines your total cost of ownership. Total cost of ownership is determined by the machine price, Supplies, and maintenance combined.
In order to get the best value for your money, call or email New York City-based BUSINESS MACHINES U.S.A. today to schedule a free consultation.
Based on features, speed, and volume that you require, we will configure a system that best suits your office needs.

Copier leasing is an option that makes acquiring a new multifunction product affordable on any budget. You can choose from a $1 buyout or fair market value with terms ranging from 1-5 years. Based on your requirements, we will recommend the lease that is best suited to your business. Whether you have a small, medium, or large office, we will offer you a multifunction product that has the lowest total cost of ownership.

Why Lease a Copier?



100% Financing

Since a lease often does not require a down payment, it is equivalent to 100% financing. Your business can conserve the capital that would have been used for a down payment and reinvest it in the business.

Service Contract Included

Labor, parts, and toners are included. You can get free service whenever your copier needs repair, maintenance, or toners.

Immediate Write-Off Of the Dollars Spent

With leasing, payments are treated as expenses on the income statement, so the technology solution does not have to be depreciated over an extended term.

Keep the Copier At the End Of the Lease

You can pay a fair market value or $1 buyout option depends on the term of the lease.

Flexible Lease Term Options

The usual lease term is from 1-5 years.